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    I've been using the same saved settings for a year, but for some weird reason, they suddenly no longer work. They result in this:

    Click image for larger version

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    Here are my settings:

    ffmpegX Preset File

    _framerate=NTSC FILM (23.976)




    I'd appreciate any insight into why this is happening. This happened with new files, I'm in the process of testing an old file to make sure it's just the new files.

    As far as I know, the source files are exactly the same, when they are exported and viewed in both QT7 Pro and FFMPEGX, the settings appear the same: DV YUV411 720x480 16:9 NTSC Millions 16-bit Integer (Little Endian), Stereo, 48.000 kHz 30.31

    As far as I know, nothing has changed on my system. The only thing I've added to the computer is REMO Repair MOV, which I was using to alter a separate video file recorded on another computer with Media Express from Blackmagic.


    I tested an old file with these settings, and it came out as expected. So it's something about these files. Note that at the top, there are motion graphics that have a lot of blue and change rabidly - basically a moving video wall.
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    Maybe something is off how the color is encoded and how it is registered (and thus interpreted), e.g. the chroma subsampling. If these differ, weird stuff can happen.
    By taking a closer look at your image, I found that some (not all) color is doubled horizontally. That is what those red patches are, which wasn't clear to me at first sight.
    I tried to extract just that doubled color. Below is an enhanced (manipulated) image of that. It seems that flesh tones are most affected.
    I'm not sure how that can happen. I haven't been able to replicate this issue. It seem indeed specific to this DV file, and/or its creation process.
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    That's really strange, then. As far as I know, I exported that file the same way I always do. But... I did start with a 720p sequence in FCP, which the software automatically switch to match the source video. Maybe that caused it. I'll do a test and see.
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    Ok, I sort of found the solution. It was definitely something to do with starting with an HD 720p sequence, then allowing it to be altered to "match" the source videos format, rather than starting with a DV sequence. When I place in a preset DV sequence, it all works fine.
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