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  1. Hi Guys,

    I've read as much as I could find on MKVMerge command line, but I'm really struggling as a newb...

    My goal is to convert a large number of Itunes (DRM Free) M4V files to MKV files, maintaining the same audio/video contents.

    I've seen this command thrown around, and I imagine I could simply edit is, as I did below... However, I'm not sure how to use it:

    FOR %I IN (*.avi) DO mkvmerge -o %I.mkv %I


    FOR %I IN (*.m4v) DO mkvmerge -o %I.mkv %I

    Do I simply put it in a batch file, in the same directory as the videos?

    Do I put it in the MKVToolNix directory?

    Do I need to include the program/input/output paths?

    Nothing I've tried seems to work.

    Any help would be really appreciated!

    The file names have spaces in them, if it matters...
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    Check my ffmpeg batch tutorial. Instead of ffmpeg use mkvmerge,

    edit: Or you can also try use ffmpeg instead of mkvmerge...just use -vcodec copy -acodec copy
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    I delved into this question and came up with this answer. It involves using a quickbasic compiler called QB64 (google it)
    to create batch files. You can modify it to your preferred content. Not complicated. Please download the QB64 GL version it's
    self contained, does not require the .dll's to be included in the execution directory. It's found in the forum on QB64 site.
    The chapters file will give 4 minute spread hard chapters (99 of them). Very playable with VLC. Or don't use it. The
    downside to the chapters.txt file you have 99 chapters for 6 hours 32 minutes. Even if your video is only 32 minutes long.
    It works (ugly), but it works.

    The main good part about this process. The original files are not touched. MKVMERGE copies the file into a new container.
    IMPORTANT: Must be in different directories (input) (output). Or your mileage will not vary

    The qb64 program: Called "mkvchaps" attached as RAR
    Chapters file: Called "chapters" attached as RAR.

    What needs to be in the execution directory: I call it MP4BOXCHAPS


    Some of these programs and dll's can be found in MP4BOX gui and MKVTOOL's. You only need to compile the
    QB64 program with your options and directories. And include it in the directory. All attachments are text files
    no EXE's are present (virus safe).

    The chapters.txt file can be modified to different minute spans. It's only text.

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