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  1. While looking for the correct frame setting (-ofps ) for mencoder, I ran GSpot on the output file of Vob2MpgPro and noticed that the "Pics/s" and "Frames/s" numbers are different. (see rata-mpg.png) So then I ran mencoder on some of the .vob files of the original source, and noticed that the Pics/s and Frames/s numbers are same there. (rata-vob.png)

    Anyone noticed this before? Any explanation on what's happening here, and why do I get less pictures per second in the mpg file?

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Name:	rata-vob.png
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  2. I guess you're implying that the source is 23.976 fps -- that may very well be the case [ I just don't know for sure ], but then why are the vob files showing 29.97 fps?
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