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  1. I've recently begun backing up my blu-rays to mp4 using the Auto Rip N Compress add-in for WMC. This uses Makemkv to rip the disc, then Handbrake to compress. I'm using the AppleTV 3 profile in Handbrake. All was going well for the first few movies and then I noticed that some of them were coming out with burned in subtitles. The subtitle option is disabled by default in Handbrake for the profile I'm using and it's not happening on every one. Before this I would use AnyDVD to rip the full disc, then Vidcoder to compress. I sometimes noticed after loading the STREAM folder that there would be multiple titles listed with the exact same run time. I would always choose the first one but now I'm thinking that those other titles were the films with subtitles forced? I tried using AnyDVD for ripping during this process but the results were the same. Next I'm going to try manually ripping the full disc then using Handbrake to compress. In the meantime I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in this process and might have seen this before. If I have to do all these manually it's not a super big deal but using Auto Rip I can pop in a disc before I go to work, hit a button, then have the finished file when I get home. Really convenient. Anyway any help would be very much appreciated
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    Decrypting and shrinking "on the fly" (from the disc in the drive) was never a good idea with DVD....worse now with Blu Ray.
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