I found the stream mmsh:// on Wikipedia. It's an uses an HTML version of Microsoft's MMS protocol commonly called MMSH. It is an online stream of the official state-controlled TV station in North Korea (call letters: KCTV, Korea Central TV). Curious I decided to watch it but unfortunately it's only running at night in US time (but daytime over in NK). However while live viewing with with VLC is great, recording so I can watch it in the daytime, not so much. The stream is ASF format (same as a WMV file), and direct raw saving of the stream to the harddrive through VLC player causes The resulting WMV file to either not be seekable at all (clicking on the play progress bar always resets it to the first frame) or causes the file to be buggy (depending on where you seek it may or may not play, and as the Windows Desktop GUI tries to play the file internally in the background to extract a frame for use as preview image, can cause the Windows GUI itself to lock up, making the file undeletable because it is trying to read it perpetually when you are trying to delete it). I could have transcoded it, but this would be a WMV to WMV transcoding, and that would be nothing more than a video visual quality killer.

So I decided to switch to FFMPEG

I found out that FFMPEG is GREAT at doing this though (sadly about 14 or 15 minutes before it glitches though; more on that later). My capture.bat file for running FFMPEG to capture it is:
ffmpeg -i mmsh:// -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.wmv

If it's less than the amount of time to crash, it is fully seekable and does not cause any glitches in the Windows GUI and it easilly generates a preview image for the file's icon. It is a perfectly working WMV file.

Unfortunately this has a major setback.
After about 14 or 15 minutes of running FFMPEG locks up. I had it running overnight to try to record the entire TV broadcast from NK (they only broadcast for less than 12 hours each day, during night time in the USA) and found that it had locked up. Pressing "q" on the keyboard to stop the recording and finalize the file did NOT work. I couldn't even do ctrl+c to break out of the batch file. I had to click the X button on the upper right corner of the command prompt window to close it. When I tried to play the file, I found it was not seekable, and only lasted 14 or 15 minutes. So after running for HOURS it only captured at most 1/4th of an hour! Major bug here, unless of course I'm missing something.

And here's where my question comes it.

Is there some important commandline argument in FFMPEG needed to record a WMV file for more than 14 or 15 minutes when the source is an ASF stream on the internet broadcast via the MMSH protocol and through the use of direct stream copy rather than transcoding? If so, please tell me what the missing command line arguments are in my above mentioned batch file line.