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  1. This question was asked before:

    however, I still didn't get an answer.
    I want to capture PBS, for example:

    with free easy to use software. If someone can reply with useful information, you not
    only would be helping me, but a lot of other people with the same problem.
    I think most people (myself included) trying to capture PBS stream do not have the technical
    ability to use a command line software, unless someone gives a specific example with detailed
    instructions on how to do this.Note: screen capture software is not good due to high cpu requirement ( play video and simultaneously capture).
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    You can either have free or you can have easy to use. Pick ONE. You can't have both.
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    Now that there's actually money in streaming the providers are constantly changing their protocols/encryption.

    Which means ... you cannot get a free tool that's going to download all streams. Ain't gonna happen. Freeware makers don't have the time or resources to keep up.

    Even with paid tools you're going to have problems I'd suspect.

    Even if you do find a free tool that works on all that stuff it probably won't work for long.

    Sorry if that's not "useful information" but you can't always get what you want ...
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