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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone knows any good program to do the following tasks with VobSub (.sub + .idx). It doesn't have to be only one program, a couple of programs with each of its function to do each task, used in conjunction, are totally okay too.


    Here's my situation.

    So I've obtained certain VobSub subtitles, they're Chinese. It's for that anime, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which has 110 eps of main OVA, 52 eps of Gaiden, and 3 movies (total 165 eps). These particular VobSub, instead of 1 subs file for 1 eps, 1 subs file contain 3 consecutive subs for 3 eps, ie. joined. Actually these VobSub came from certain encodes which combined 3 eps per MKV file. They're DVD rips, and I guess, the encoder just encoded whole one DVD disc into a MKV, instead of splitting each eps into separate MKVs.

    Now, what I want to do is, to use these VobSub for the obviously far better quality BD rips, which are, as usual, 1 eps per 1 mkv. So I need to do the following tasks with these VobSub files:

    1. Splitting and joining
    I need to split each VobSub into 3 new VobSub, ie. 1 subs file = 1 eps. I may also need to join a few subs, since I saw this: for example, for some weird reason, several subs which are supposed to be in eps 1-4 subs file, particularly towards the end part, are somehow NOT included in the aforementioned subs file, but appear on eps 5-7 subs, particularly on the beginning part of the episode (ep 5). it looks like the encoder cut the subs at the wrong part?

    2. Re-shifting time and retiming each subs individually as needed
    After splitting the VobSub into new 3 files, the next step would be to reshift/retime the subtitle timing, particularly the subs for the episodes which were in the middle/latter part. And I may need the ability to edit the subtitle timing on several individual subs manually, as I see some subs are too fast or just appear at undesireable timing. It would be great if there's a wave form graphic or something to look at for accuracy, like when I use AegiSub or VisualSubSync. Too bad these programs don't support VobSub format.

    That's it I think? Thanks.
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  2. For your reference, I have tried these programs.


    I've tried a couple of programs I've downloaded from this site. But most of them only support text based subs. Others like Subtitle Edit can open VobSub, but they're asking for OCRing it into text based subs, not actually able to edit the VobSub. Besides, is there any program which can handle OCRing Chinese? I'm not sure, but..., anyway, I don't want and don't need to OCR the subs into a text based one. I want to keep it as it is. It already looks beautiful on its own.

    There are also several programs that looks like can work, but turn out only supporting DVD (VOB, IFO, SUP format).

    I've also tried SubtitleCreator. It can open and edit VobSub, though it lacks efficiency. to split the VobSub, I delete manually the unnecessary subs. Then I found that for some weird reason, there are a lot of subs which background are turning white, not transparent the way it should be. I tested the subs with MPC + DirectVobSub (KL Codec Pack), they're transparent. but somehow SubtitleCreator show them as white, and if I save it as a new VobSub files, the white background then would show up if I play the newly created file on MPC. So then I manually change the background transparent (choosing the white box no 00), and there's no other way than clicking the problematic subs one by one and click-choose the white box no 00 on the upper right. no keyboard shortcut, no "do this on selected subs", I even can't select more than one sub actually. So after I done editing around a hundred problematic subs, I save it, then play it. To my horror, several Chinese characters looks mangled (the ones which I changed its BG transparency), some stroke lines are gone/erased, make it inelligible. failed...

    So I hope someone could enlightened me in this image based subs debacle.

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  3. iirc BDSub2Sup++ should be able to to what you want.
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  4. This one, right?

    I read the explanation, sounds good. will try it now. Uh, so I better get the ++1.0.2 version, right? lazy to install Java Script I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

    Someone recommended me VobSub v2.2.3. but when I installed it, the program just won't work, it does nothing. the shortcut icons for "DirectVobSub configure" and "VobSub configure/cutter/joiner" just plain white, and indeed it just point to nothing, it's a dead shortcut. They're supposed to point to these files:,, unrar.dll, as seen in the installation progress when installing. But I checked C:\Windows\system32\, where those files are supposed to be, but it's just not there. As if nothing is installed, or the installer failed to install.

    When I click those shortcuts I got this message:

    There was a problem starting (or vobsub.dll depends on which shortcut I open)
    The specified module could not be found.

    As if nothing is installed, weird.

    Anyway BDSup2Sub looks promising. Thank you. I will report back if I bump into another problem.
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  5. btw what's the difference between the JS v5.1.1 and C++/QT ++1.02? it's the same, right? I mean all the features and all. ++1.0.2 just an installer upgrade on v5.1.1 for those who don't want install Java Script? I just don't wanna miss any cool features and bump into some bugs which are present in one version but not in the others.

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    I think the files are supposed to go in the SysWOW folder (when using 64 bit Windows).

    Move vobsub.dll from the \system32\ folder, to the \SysWOW64\ folder.

    - and the 'VobSub Configure' shortcut 'Properties' should be changed to reflect it.

    From this:
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe vobsub.dll,Configure

    To this:
    C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\rundll32.exe vobsub.dll,Configure
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  7. @2island18:
    a. Java is not JavaScript
    b. BDSup2Sub++ has some bugs fixed BDSub3Sup hasn't
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