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Poll: Video is Sequential - Sequential is boreing

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  1. Yup. Till now anyway.

    My app picks a random video then a random segment. Otherwise boredom sets in.

    I am putting this USB in a Video Store window display (blockbuster is closing up)

    There are random and sequential play apps (2 exes) on the stick.

    The USB stick has 110 local drag races that will be selected and played in their entirety. 10 to 15 Seconds
    I have 9 segments from the Video stores Trailer loop (up coming video releases etc) that are 3 or 4 minutes long. These videos are randomly selected then a random segment of 15 seconds is played.

    In between the local time HH:MM am/pm is randomly displayed. Ruffly every 20th time.

    I also put in a screen capture of the weeks weather forecast and latest dow closing numbers in the mix.

    Large font TEXT (48 point) can be inserted before and after selected video segments as a group

    I like to burn a TV DVD format along with this PC playback setup as well. 4.7 GB is usually enough.

    Boredom Begone

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    Boy, oh boy! My life has been so drab lately that I've been dreaming that someone would come up with a way to deliver randomized clips of drag racing from a faraway locality, punctuated by randomly selected movie trailers. Oh, and the randomness of it will always keep me on my toes. (Which movie trailer will pop up next? I don't know! It will be a surprise!)

    Thanks so much for enriching our dull lives.
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    not all Canadians are that exciting. A lot of of us still prefer to watch videos with the beginning at the beginning, the middle in the middle, and end at the end.

    your app has been done befoe. It is a form of copy protection on BD movies, clips in random orders in order to hinder the copying of a movie properly.
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  4. Oh yee of so few video. Of course you don't need random.

    I have nearly 100 European hooded crow clips
    500 trapline videos.
    Hundreds of short drag race segments.
    World championship JetBoat races.
    Dino Skin find series

    A mega video screen saver running random is how I want to sample my video. It is just "exciting"
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    I have enough videos, and a random screen saver----try windows screen saver slideshow. Personally I don't bother with screen savers.
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  6. Sequential is deja vu all over again - Random is like FlashBacks

    MOOCs could benefit by having a study notes app that plays groups of "text pictures video & audio"

    Knowledge needs Random recall
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  7. I like the idea.
    It's how I generally listen to my music, unless I feel like hearing something specific, so why not do the same with video clips?

    Be interesting to shoot segments for a movie and randomly assemble them. Kind of like the way William S. Burroughs wrote his novels.


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    "You can observe a lot by watching." - Yogi Bera
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  8. This app can catalogue all your mp3 audio in a minute or two.

    Set it to play a random segment from a random song. Say 8 seconds or so. If I interrupt the tune; the song plays in it's entirety. If I change my mind on the tune. I kill the app and start it again with a couple enter enter enters and the next random one is twanging away.

    I place the shortcut for this app in the "jam-it" spot (the upper right hand corner) The program is made to be stopped and started lots.
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