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  1. I am trying to backup a blu-ray onto my hard drives. The movie is "The Raid". I used MakeMKV to create the intial mkv however the software could only find the English audio stream and not the Indonesian audio stream (its an Indonesian film). I wish to have a backup with both of the audio streams.

    My plan then was to extract teh audio with differant software and then simply add it into the mkv file.

    I used ClownBD to extract the audio streams from the film. I am now left with an mkv of the film with the English audio stream and 5 wave files of the Indonesian audio stream (the 5 streams represent the 5 different speakers in a 5.1 sound set up (its a 5.1 audio stream on the bluray)). I want to integrate the Indonesian stream into the mkv file.

    I used mkvmerge to create a mka file of the 5 WAVE files thinking that would work however when I try to add that with mkvmerge they come up as 5 different entries.

    How to I package the 5 WAVE files into a single file which I can then add to my mkv file? If this is not possible how do I achieve my goal?

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  2. Normally you'd extract the audio "as-is" or convert it to a multichannel file rather than multiple single channel wave files. I'm not sure why it was extracted that way (I don't use ClownBD) but are you sure there's not an option to convert it to a multichannel file, or did ClownBD create "intermediate" wave files before converting it to another "single file" format?

    Anyway, the easiest solution might be to extract it again as a single multichannel file. I don't really know anything about ClownDB but you could try HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Stream Extractor.
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