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  1. I'm thinking about getting the portable projector in this video. It gave me some pretty good ideas for outdoor gaming but at 700 i wonder if its a rip off or not. I've never purchased a projector before. Anyone here give me their opinion?

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  2. I would have thought there would be a thread on that model in the AVS forum, PJ sub-forum. But I couldn't find it; has it just been released? The closest recent model may be this one:

    It's LED DLP, okay. No changing expensive bulbs. WXGA (1280x800). Only 500 lumens, though, not so good. And I don't believe those contrast numbers, not for a second. Compare those to the PA75U.

    To understand lumens, you need to know that:

    Projector lumens X Gain of screen / square feet of screen = foot lamberts (FL).

    The industry standard for movie projection is 16 FL, which is almost never met, BTW. Recommended for Home Theater is 16-50 FL, with 30 or so most often recommended. With DLP, claimed lumens at the projector is somewhat deceiving; 60% of the stated figure may be more accurate, even less if calibrated. (That's just opinion though). 32 FL, say, is not twice as bright as 16 FL; it's logarithmic.

    That PJ is not good enough for a HT, IMO, even if it wasn't just 1280x800. but you'll have to decide if it suits your purpose. I think for projecting outdoors it'll be pretty dim if projected on anything other than a screen with decent gain. The larger the projected image, the dimmer it'll be.

    Why don't you start a thread in the Projector sub-forum over at AVS?

    Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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