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    There's a guide for it in the links on the left. However, if the audio is screwed from the original avi, there isn't much you can do to it.
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  2. what r u trying to do with the divx?
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  3. Hmm... my first post. Heh. Sounds like a problem with the audio conversion sampling rate. Change it so that the everything in the audio/converions menu match your rip/capture and run it through again. Lol, chickmunks... thought the same thing when it happened to meeh. Hope this works for ya.
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  4. oops typo... : P
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  5. Shidoken,

    Using VirtualDub, you may want to extract the wav file only. This should give you an uncompressed audio file. Hope this helps.

    The Daywalker
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  6. Hmm... I see. I'm trying to do all this from the divx version. I'll try the virtual dub thing and see if it works.
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  7. try this link and download AVI2VCD

    if i remeber correctly, it will extract a file that will decmpress the audio from the divx.

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