Hi Guys, im new here i just want to share my findings on the app.
I have read on app reviews and some other websites that the Pixela Video Upload wont conect to the Vixia cams.
I downloaded the app and geeez no conection and the pixela capture do conect. So I stay playing around and found that the cam need to be in playback mode to get the camera conected, the vixia canon have 2 modes on wifi one under the home menu in record mode and another under playback mode so to get the camcorder get conected you need to be in playback mode > home > wifi > video upload.

So both app work in diferent modes
Video Capture = Record mode
Video Upload = Playback mode

Im new here but after find how to get it conected i want to share because i know they are lots of people frustrated because of this and i want to give a little help, hopes some1 reads this and get his/her app working, its a very usefull app.

Dont know if this was the correct subforum to post but if a moderetar knows were this issue belong please move the thread to correct area, thanks