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    The HD PVR Rocket is small enough to fit in one hand and weighs just 4.6oz or 130grams
    This a standalone device that can be carried with you to events, etc to record your game play's and game commentary to, and does not need a PC or Mac and it also support PC connected mode as well.
    The features
    H264/AVCHD Hardware Encoder
    One Touch Rec/Stop Button
    HDMI input (Without HDCP)
    HDMI No Delay pass-through output
    Component input
    S/Video input
    Composite input
    RCA Stereo Audio input
    Built-in Microphone Input with +20db boost
    Built-in Audio Mixer with adjusting Mic Control
    Touch screen control Mic Volume Up/Down, Mic oN/Mute, +20dB, Lock
    USB 2.0 Type A Front Port for plug a thumb flash drive in for record your game play
    USB 2.0 Type B Rear Port for PC/Power (Power is pull right from the USB Port work with 2.0/3.0 bus to power the device)
    HDMI Cable
    PS3 Component cable
    USB Y Adapter cable for PC and Red 5v Power Only
    Max Bitrate 18 Mbits/sec or 2.3 Mbytes/sec
    Resolution formats
    1080p60p (recorded as 1080p30)
    1080p50p (recorded as 1080p25)
    Recoding Container Format: MP4 in standalone mode, TS in PC connected mode
    Hauppauge provides a Windows application called Hauppauge Capture, The recordings made in the stand-alone mode are compatible with a Mac for
    import into iMovie.
    A 16 Gbyte USB thumb drive, when plugged into the HD PVR Rocket, can record 4 hours of video game play at an HD resolution of 1080p
    HD PVR Rocket will be available at retailers throughout Europe/North American starting November 15. The suggested retail price is €169/$169
    USB Flash Drive Max Size that has beem tested so far is 32GB.
    Both USB 2.0 and 3.0 Flash drive can be used
    External hard drive support Yes, but it needs to be a powered hard drive.
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