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  1. Can you get around (the utter ridiculous in this day and age imo) region coding on blu ray discs by ripping and burning to new bluray discs?

    What kind of setup do you need, will any bd-rw/discs do the job? How easy is it for the novice, what kind of difficulties can you run into?

    I would want the full discs, but like dvds the full discs in RW form are very expensive, my solution back in the day was to split. The menu/extras/some of the movie on one disc, the rest of the movie on another, no re-encoding. This would still be my preferred option for blu ray discs. It would be a pain to have to change discs, but may be my only solution as getting hold of a Region A player in the UK seems to be difficult.

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    Anydvdhd will rip to your hard drive and remove region code,just make sure Remove Region Code is checked in it;s BlueRay disc menu.
    Bdrebuilder will compress full disk to DVD5,DVD9,or BD25.
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