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  1. Formerly 'vaporeon800' Brad's Avatar
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    NTSC line 22 and the following image row are blanked out by the two DVD recorders I've used (Panasonic DMR-ES15 and Toshiba D-KR4). I'm trying to find a DVD recorder that stabilizes line jittering but doesn't black out the top two rows.

    One of the devices below should be able to check this:
    • Any DV capture system that adheres to the specifications (camcorder input, ADVC...)
    • Any device that captures 720x486 (BlackMagic, Osprey, etc.)
    • A BT8x8-based card with the Tweaker
    • Hauppauge USB-Live-2
    • AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 7 (C039)
    • Diamond VC500
    • Elgato Video Capture V2
    • EZGrabber2 / Capit
    • August VGB100
    • EzCAP USB Video Capture Pro
    • PixelView Xcapture USB
    • ADS Tech Video Xpress [link for my own reference]
    Most others begin capturing lower, so the area in question isn't visible.
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    Do they blank line 21? They'd get into trouble for that.

    With about 486 active analogue lines, and only 480 digital ones, I guess they thought they could throw a couple away. If you're dealing with VHS with junk at the bottom, I guess you want as many good lines as possible though.

    Many digital devices fill all 486 lines with menus etc, but only have 480 lines of content to display once playing the disc/broadcast.

    Sorry none of this answers your question.

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  3. Formerly 'vaporeon800' Brad's Avatar
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    Line 21 remains intact. I've confirmed that CCs decode properly from the outputs, and started a different thread that actually shows what the DVD recorders do.

    I added a few more devices to the list above that could be used to check whether a particular recorder blanks these lines. Hoping someone takes enough pity on me to give one a whirl.
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