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  1. Hi there all,

    I would love to have your review on this particular video:

    Definitely the blurry part at the beginning and deep shadow behind are bad but suggest me on how I can get them all long right? suggestions please!

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  2. Like writing, video has a language and syntax. Pointing a camera at someone, badly lit, who is pointing at a white board goes beyond neglect, it's an insult to the medium.

    I would direct you to your own points 2, and 6: Research your topic and don't use words (or media) you don't know the meaning to (sic.)
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  3. Gr8 comment! I clearly understood the gist from the video itself. And it was badly lit, because I had just one fluroscent light to light the person up. But still an excuse is never a point! Thanks for the help!
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