Hey need some help here

Using RipBot to rip blue rays and for some reason I can not rip to a MP4 with soft subtitles using SupRip . I can using all the other containers. WHen ripping on a two pass rip, locked file size, it stops when it gets to the "mux files command" and then says all jobs complete even though the status Icon on the taskbar only gets about halfway. Looking at the RipBot Logs showed no errors, however when I clicked on the job1_MuxFiles.cmd in the temp folder , I was able to take a pic of the Command box that pops up and goes away quickly and was able to see what the problem was :

AAC import - sample rate 48000 - MPEG-4 audio - 6 channels
Timed Text <SRT> import - text track 1920 X 1080 , font Tahoma < size 18 >
Bad SRT formatting - expecting number got "economics"
Error importing C:\temp\RipBot264temp\job1\english_2.srt:lang=eng: font=Tahoma:
Corrupted Data in file/stream

I am using a default SupRip after downloading it and trying all the things I have read on the forums but is no help.

Thanx for any help you might give