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    I am working on a project where I want the video source to be from a BD and the audio from a laserdisc. But I still want to rip the BD audio to use as a guide track. I am ripping the BD with DVDFAB 8. My (English) audio options are:

    1) English DTS-HD Master/6.1- this is desired track
    2) English AC-3/5.1- descriptive audio track
    3) Spanish
    4) French
    5) Portuguese
    6) English AC-3/5.1- commentary track
    7) English AC-3/5.1- commentary track

    When I go to rip the BD, it gives you the option for certain audio tracks, but it automatically selects all four of the English tracks. I can then play each audio track individually in the little preview box to see which one I want to rip along with the movie. Basically the DTS-HD Master track is the one I want as the rest are commentary, descriptive, or foreign language tracks . I don't need DTS audio, I actually want 2.0 stereo. When I ripped the BD with all of the audio options checked, and dropped the .m2ts file in Sony Vegas, there are only three of the four tracks present (two commentary's and the descriptive track). Then I just selected only the DTS track, and there was no audio at all on the rip. Since the DTS track didn't get ripped when all of the English options were checked, and when selected individually, can I not rip DTS 6.1 audio?

    So far the descriptive track is the loudest to use for the guide track, but it would be much easier to have the DTS/2.0. Any help please. I've tried numerous different Titles and options.
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    You could try another ripper like makemkv or anydvdhd and see if they work different than dvdfab.
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