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  1. No I don't.

    But QtlMovie 1.2.9/Qt 5.2 doesn't produce the error and 1.2.10/5.2 does.
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  2. Interesting...

    Does the crash occur for the simplest case: launch QtlMovie and immediately quit or does it occur only after converting at least one file?

    Version 1.2.9 was built with a beta release of Qt 5.2.0. I am going to rebuild an instance of 1.2.9 with the final version of Qt 5.2.0. Would you mind to test it? If it still does not crash, there must be a problem with QtlMovie 1.2.10+. If it crashes, there is probably something wrong with Qt on Vista.
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  3. As promised, I just rebuilt QtlMovie 1.2.9 with the final version of Qt 5.2.0. The Win32 and Win64 alternatives are available as QtlMovie-Win32-Qt520final-1.2.9.exe and QtlMovie-Win64-Qt520final-1.2.9.exe. Can you try it on the Vista system where the original 1.2.9 does not crash?
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  4. I got another idea. One new feature of 1.2.10 is significant regarding Windows Vista/7: the addition of the progress bar in the application icon. QtlMovie takes advantage of new features of Qt 5.2.0 which were developed with Win 7 in mind. Qt does not mention restrictions with Vista, but who knows...

    I rebuilt a variant of 1.2.12 with the progress bar disabled, available at QtlMovie-Win32-NoProgressBar-1.2.12.exe and QtlMovie-Win64-NoProgressBar-1.2.12.exe. Could you try it on your Vista?
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  5. QtlMovie-Win32-Qt520final-1.2.9: No crash - neither when starting and immediatly quiting nor when starting+load a file+quit or starting+load a file+transcode+quit

    QtlMovie-Win32-NoProgressBar-1.2.12: no chrash as for QtlMovie-Win32-Qt520final-1.2.9 (the progress bar shows up and start 5-10%)

    And for the versions with crash the chrash occours both when starting and immediatly quiting as well as with transcode.
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  6. OK, thanks for the input. I think I understand what the problem is now.

    First, when I mentioned the "progress bar", it is not the one in the middle of the application window which was there from the beginning. I am refering to the translucid progress bar on top of the application icon, in the Windows icon bar on the bottom of the screen. Starting with the Aero desktop (Vista and further), most Windows applications which perform something which takes time display a green progress overlay on top of their icon on the bottom of the screen. Starting with version 5.2.0, Qt provides support for that feature. Just to make QtlMovie like any other Windows application, version 1.2.10 started to use it. It works on Windows 7 but apparently fails on Vista. Maybe this is due to some problem in Qt or Windows, I do not know. But since the alternative version of QtlMovie 1.2.12 (the latest) without support for the icon progress bar does not crash, I suspect that the problem comes from there.

    I will make the following modification in the next version: If the Windows version is lower than Win 7, QtlMovie will not attempt to use the progress bar overlay on the application icon. The big progress bar in the application will remain.

    Thanks again for your cooperation.
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  7. Just to mention: I don't use aero but windows classic.
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  8. I just tried Windows Classic on Win 7 with 1.2.12 and experienced no crash. There is no progress overlay on the windows icon of course since this is not Aero but it works. So, I think it is safe to assume that the progress overlay on icon shall be used only on Win 7 and higher, regardless of Aero vs. Classic.
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    After importing an IFO, selecting the Video, audio, and subtitles it found, tried to create a DVD mpg. All went pretty quick on 1/5 pass1 until it gets to 100%. It's been looking at me for about 15 minutes now and not advancing... All settings were left as default. Did I do something wrong?

    EDIT: Never mind it is finally moving.

    FINISHED: Love the subs, love the quality. Excellent Program that I will use. Thanks for your hard efforts .
    Last edited by Budman1; 14th Dec 2013 at 10:19. Reason: Updated
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  10. You did right. Do you use Windows or Linux, which version? Could you save the log (Tools -> Save log) and post it?
    If possible, could you post the IFO and VOB files somewhere so I could download them and try to reproduce the problem?

    EDIT: Good to see it is working. It is strange though that the progress bar did not move for 15 minutes. Anyway, thanks for your appreciation!
    Last edited by lelegard; 14th Dec 2013 at 10:59.
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  11. Version 1.2.13 is released

    Change log:
    - Display full translated language names (when available) for audio and
      subtitle tracks instead of language codes.
    - On Windows, the progress bar overlay on the application icon is no longer
      used for Windows versions prior to Windows 7. Crashes were reported on Vista
      when the application exits (maybe a Qt 5.2.0 problem).
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  12. Version 1.2.14 is released.

    Change log:
    - Added the possibility to force a new display aspect ratio. Useful when the
      input file is, for example, incorrectly labeled as 4:3 while it should be 16:9.
    - Linux RPM package for Fedora 20.
    - Precompiled Windows binary uses Qt 5.2.1.
    - Windows installer includes FFmpeg 2.1.4, CCextractor 0.68 and telxcc 2.5.3.
    - Linux RPM's for CCextractor 0.68 and telxcc 2.5.3 are available on QtlMovie
      SourceForge project (Fedora 20).
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  13. Member Yansky's Avatar
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    Hi lelegard, I posted on the forums on sourceforge but I guess you didn't see it. It would be great if you could add some sort of notification when the dvd (or whichever conversion it is) has completed.
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  14. Sorry for being unresponsive on the sourceforge forum. For some reason, I wasn't notified of the new post.

    Yes, this is a good idea, I keep it for the next version. An optional sound notification seems the best solution.
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  15. Version 1.2.15 is released.

    Change log:
    - Added an optional sound notification at the end of the transcoding process.
      Must be enabled in the Settings / Transcoding tab.
    - Windows installer includes FFmpeg 2.2.1 and CCextractor 0.69.
    - Linux RPM's for CCextractor 0.69 is available on QtlMovie SourceForge project.
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  16. Version 1.2.16 is released.

    Change log:
    - Save the size and position of all windows. Useful for screens with a size or
      resolution which are not well suited for the default geometry of the
      application windows. Resize once and keep the same size and position forever.
    - Precompiled Windows binary uses Qt 5.3.0.
    - Windows installer includes FFmpeg 2.2.2.
    - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS .deb package is now built for QtlMovie. Be sure to read the
      user documentation for a description of how to install FFmpeg on Ubuntu.
    - Ubuntu packages for CCextractor 0.69 and telxcc 2.5.3 are available on
      QtlMovie SourceForge project.
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  17. Version 1.3 is released.

    This is a major release with a "multi-file batch mode".

    Change log:
    - Added a "multi-file batch mode" which allows the processing of multiple
      files in sequence. The main window shows a list of files to be processed.
      The transcoding operation processes all files in the list. Adding other
      files to process is allowed during the transcoding of the previous files.
      By default, QtlMovie uses its classical "single file mode", where all
      transcoding options are directly accessible in one-click in the main
      window. It is possible to switch between the two modes using the "Tools"
      menu or the settings. Using the classical single file mode remains the
      easiest solution but the batch mode is uselful when many files need to
      be transcoded. The user can define all the planned conversions and then
      let all the conversions work for hours.
    - New options for:
      - Automatically clear the log panel before starting transcoding.
      - Automatically save the log panel at the transcoding completion.
      - FFprobe execution timeout in seconds. Setting a larger value may be
        useful when the input file is on a slow DVD drive.
    - The format of the saved settings has changed and now uses a more native
      format. On Windows, the settings are saved in the registry. On Unix and
      Linux, they are saved in $HOME/.config/QtlMovie/QtlMovie.conf. Settings
      from the previous versions of QtlMovie (if present) are converted to the
      new format the first time QtlMovie 1.3 is run. The converted settings
      file is kept for reference into the user's home directory as .qtlmovie.old
      but is no longer used and may be manually deleted.
    - Bug fix: In the specific combination where the input was a DVD with
      multiple VOB's and the output was a DVD MPEG file, only one VOB was
      processed. This is fixed.
    - Bug fix: The "forced display aspect ratio" was not always enforced.
      This is fixed.
    - Bug fix: On Windows (case-insensitive file systems), the default output file
      could clash with the input file if they differed by letter case only. Now add
      the .transcoded suffix, as with identical input and output files.
    - Bug fix: Sometimes, the deletion of temporary files failed, maybe due to a
      race condition with terminating processes. This is (probably) fixed.
    - When editing DVD Burner settings on Windows, now browse directly to the
      "Computer" virtual folder. This is now possible thanks to Qt 5.5.
    - Added support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
    - Precompiled Windows binary uses Qt 5.5.0.
    - Windows installer includes FFmpeg 2.7.
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  18. Version 1.3.1 is released.

    - Automatically detect the default DVD burner if not specified in the
      settings (Windows and Linux only).
    - In the settings, the selection of existing DVD burners is proposed in
      a combo box instead of a free-form text line edit (Windows and Linux only).
      If no DVD burner is found, keep the traditional free edit / browse
      selection for the burner (in case QtlMovie missed the actual device).
    - Accept more than one input file in the command line (for batch mode).
    - Added command line option "-d" to initially activate the debug messages.
    - Prevent editing a task while it is running.
    - Bug fix: In batch mode, when editing a completed task, no longer complain
      that the existing output file will be overwritten.
    - Bug fix: In batch mode, the background color of the running job was
      sometimes dashed, sometimes not. This is fixed.
    - Bug fix: When an error occured during the start of a transcoding job
      (for instance if the output file was not specified), subsequent jobs
      always failed with "Internal error, transcoding job already created".
      This is fixed.
    - Tested OK on Windows 10.
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  19. Version 1.4 is released.

    - Added the ability to drag and drop several files in the main window
      in batch mode. This automatically creates one task per file.
    - Added an option to specify the default output type (DVD, iPad, etc.)
    - Added options to disable the automatic selection of original audio
      track with subtitles.
    - Precompiled Windows binary uses Qt 5.5.1.
    - Windows installer includes FFmpeg 2.8.1.
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  20. Version 1.5 is released.

    - Adaptive bitrate computation for AVI, iPhone, iPad. Previously, one bitrate
      value was defined for iPhone, one for iPad and one for AVI. But, when the
      screen size was changed (change iPad model for instance), the same bitrate
      was used, which is not appropriate and needed manual adjustment. Moreover,
      on iPad, iPhone and AVI, the screen size is a maximum bounding box, not an
      actual output size. When the original video is smaller than the screen size,
      the image is not resized and the bandwidth was too high for the size. Now
      the settings no longer specify a "bit rate" but a "video quality" which is
      is a number of bits per pixel per 100 frames. The actual bitrate is computed
      from the actual output image size and this video quality indicator.
    - Bug fix: On iPhone, the iPad video bitrate was used instead of the iPhone
      one. This is fixed with adaptive bitrate.
    - Bug fix: In the very specific case when a DVD was converted into a DVD-MPEG
      file and a subtitle track was selected and the original size of the video was
      exactly 720x576, then the subtitles were not inserted. This is fixed.
    - More reliable checking of new version online.
    - Windows installer includes FFmpeg 2.8.3.
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  21. Version 1.5.1 is released.

    - Bug fix: When using drag & drop of input files in batch mode, the error
      "no output file selected" was reported if the tasks were not edited first.
      This is fixed.
    - Windows installer includes FFmpeg 2.8.4.
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  22. Version 1.6 is released.

    This is the first version with native installers for Mac OS X.

    - QtlMovie is available on Mac OS X. The .dmg package contains precompiled
      versions of all media tools and is self-sufficient, like its Windows
      counter-part. QtlMovie 1.6 has been tested on Mac OS X 10.11 "El Capitan".
      Feedbacks on older versions are welcome.
    - Bug fix: Converting to H.264 (iPad, iPhone) failed when the input video
      had chroma format 4:2:2 (as found in MJPEG files from some photo cameras).
      This is fixed (output format now forced to 4:2:0).
    - Bug fix: In batch mode, when the output file was modified to a non-default
      value, it was reset to the default value when the file was edited again.
      This is fixed.
    - Bug fix: In file name edit boxes, when the file name was edited and the
      cursor arrived to 2 adjacent backslashes, the cursor jumped to the end
      of line. This is fixed.
    - Removed new spurious messages from FFmpeg 3.0.x.
    - Precompiled Windows binary uses Qt 5.6.0.
    - Windows installer includes FFmpeg 3.0.1.
    - Mac installer includes FFmpeg 3.0.2.
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  23. Version 1.7 is released.

    - When encoding for NTSC DVD's, now use 29.97 f/s instead of 30 previously.
    - Added support for iPhone SE and iPad Pro screen sizes.
    - Added support for Android devices. The generated encoding format is the
      same as iOS devices. Added support for some popular devices screen sizes.
    - Bug fix on Mac OS X installer. With version 1.6, QtlMovie failed to start
      on some Mac's with error "could not find or load the Qt platform plugin
      cocoa". This is fixed.
    - Updated logo to a more modern flat design style one.
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  24. Version 1.8 is released.

    Version 1.8
    - Improved US Closed Captions (EIA-608, CEA-708) detection and processing
      using CCextractor version 0.80.
    - Added an option to "capitalize" (suppress ALL CAPS) in US Closed Captions.
    - Windows and Mac installers include CCextractor 0.80 binaries.
    - Fedora and Ubuntu packages for CCextractor 0.80 are available on QtlMovie
      SourceForge project (and required to install QtlMovie 1.8).
    - Removed dependency on Telxcc as an independent application. Telxcc is
      no longer maintained. Telxcc has been removed from the Windows and Mac
      installers. The Fedora and Ubuntu packages no longer depend on telxcc.
      QtlMovie now performs Teletext extraction internally, using some code
      from Telxcc. Many thanks to Petr Kutalek for having developed Telxcc.
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  25. Version 1.9 is released.


    - Transcoding is now possible directly from an encrypted DVD. Previously,
      you had to rip the DVD using an external tool and then transcode the
      extracted files. QtlMovie now integrates libdvdcss, a public library to read
      encrypted DVD's. This means that transcoding from encrypted DVD's is possible
      on all platforms and that the decryption keys are shared with all other tools
      using libdvdcss such as the VLC media player.
    - A new "DVD Extraction" option is available from the "Tools" menu. This new
      tool can extract DVD content, either as a complete ISO image, by Video Title
      Set (VTS) or individual files. This embedded tool is available on all platforms
      and can replace third-party platform-dependent DVD ripping tools.
    - Limit the initial search of Closed Captions to the ffprobe duration. This was
      the previous behavior before V1.8.
    - Added an option (enabled by default) to cleanup SRT/SSA/ASS subtitles files.
      This removes all invalid nul characters inside these files. It has been
      observed that some MKV files had ASS subtitles using metadata containing
      a trailing zero character. This invalid character broke ffmpeg and the
      subtitles were not burned into the video. This new option fixes this issue.
    - Added an option (disabled by default) to downgrade SSA/ASS subtitles to SRT
      before insertion in the video. For SSA/ASS subtitles with weird presentation,
      this option removes the formatting.
    - Bug fix: When clicking in the log window, the color of the subsequent messages
      could be incorrect. This is fixed.
    - Precompiled Windows and Mac binaries use Qt 5.7.0.
    - Precompiled Windows and Mac binaries use recent snapshot versions of ffmpeg.
    - Precompiled Windows binaries now longer include the third party tool "DVD
      Decrypter". It is now replaced by the embedded tool "DVD Extraction".
    - The support page has moved to the GitHub issue tracker at
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  26. Version 1.10 is released.

    • Added an option to select the "program chain" (or "PGC") and angle to
      transcode when reading DVD content as input file. In most cases, transcoding
      the complete VOB files may work. But, with multi-PGC movies, it won't.
      With these options, transcoding a DVD movie is always safe.
    • Added an option to set the DVD burning speed (passed to growisofs).
    • Bug fix: The total duration of an input DVD movie was incorrectly computed as
      the sum of the durations of all PGC's. In the rare cases where a DVD movie had
      several PGC's, the duration could be wrong. This is fixed.
    • The help system now uses the external browser. The style of the help files has
      been reworked in a more modern way. In the settings, each tab now has a "Help"
      button to get help on options on this tab.
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  27. Version 1.11 is released.

    • Added an option to run FFmpeg processes at a lower priority. This option is enabled by default. Other processes like CC Extractor and DVD Author are run at the normal priority since they are less CPU intensive (ie. I/O-bound, not CPU-bound). This option avoids reported slowness on other programs running on the computer.
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  28. Version 1.11.1 is released.

    This is a bug fix version for Windows only. Other platforms should use version 1.11.

    • When looking for a new version, the release notes for the new version are fetched from SourceForge. Due to a new policy, SourceForge now returns files using HTTPS, not HTTP. The way QtlMovie was linked on Windows prevented the use of OpenSSL and HTTPS. This is fixed.
    • Help files were missing from Windows standalone packages. This is fixed.
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  29. Version 1.12 is released.

    • Bug fix (issue #4): In batch mode, after editing a task, modified its output directory, closed the edit window, the output directory was reverted to the default when the task was edited again. This is fixed.
    • Bug fix (issue #6): DVB subtitles were no longer recognized as valid for ffmpeg. This was due to an incompatible change in recent versions of ffprobe. This is fixed.
    • In batch mode, when editing a task, pressing Return closes the editor.
    • Precompiled Mac and Windows binaries use Qt 5.8.0.
    • Mac and Windows installers include FFmpeg 3.2.4.
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