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  1. Is there a program, or someone that knows how to remove Watermark from a Video that runs about 40 seconds.
    I am doing a Veteran's Day presentation for Church Service and have a beautiful video of a flag partially focused and am using this as a background presenting parishioneers that were/are in the Military.
    Video is to horor our Military of the parish. Please let me know the program and YES the easist wasy to accomplish this. I am using Movie Maker and power point to create the video for church. Would appreciate any help.
    My eMail address is
    Thanking you inadvance for you help.
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    DVD Ripping? Nope, I'm moving you to our editing section.

    Where in the picture is the watermark?

    You can only add a black border, crop it or blur it(complex). And movie maker is kinda limited...
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