Guys, I using VirtualDub 1.10.4 to open a MKV file and wanting to cut a part from it, add subtitles (subtitler plugin), resize it a little and save result as Xvid avi for stream media upload. Should be no-problemo, as there is fccHandler MKV plugin, the ffMpeg plugin if this one fails and DirectShow plugin for VirtualDub, if all previous fail.

And... they all failed to me

fccHandler MKV input plugin v3.1 failed to detect AC3 5.1 audio in my file:

ffMpeg input plugin failed to work on Win2k:

So I resorted to DirectShow input driver. That did work... for a second. I get about 1sec of the audio, in the resulting file, lol.
Not exactly good... when nothing is working at all

The input file is 4.6G in size (The Running Man.mkv) and I can upload it somewhere for testing, but don't know where (okay, the czech site will work and even for english guy is the downloading just a matter of the captcha and wait, it goes in free mode at about 300k) to put it and where to place the link, as this is basicaly a copyrighted material.
PM perhaps?

So is there a way that this could be done?

(the encoded part if MUCH shorter, yet like I say, the audio is only for second, then it's volume get down to zero... )