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  1. I'm having a bit of a headache and can't seem to find an answer. I've been Googling for hours now and reading all sorts of things but nothing seems to point to a solution.

    I have the 64bit version of VirtualDub 1.9.11 on my system and I have added a bunch of 64bit compression plugins. (Matroska64, WMV64, QuickTime64, MPEG264)

    They are placed in the correct folder (Plugins64) but they do not show up in the VD compression menu option and when I try to load files of any of those formats I get a black screen with a "missing codec" message.

    I have tried with the 32bit version of VD also (with a Plugins32 folder and the 32 bit plugins) and have the same issue.

    Any suggestions on where to go next?

    Thanks in advance
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    There is no such thing as a "COMPRESSION plugin" for VirtualDub.
    What you have gotten so far are INPUT plugins.
    So you need to get some VfW codecs as well

    Examples of VfW codecs: UT Video, Lagarith, Cedocida, HuffYUV, Camstudio, DivX, Xvid, x264, ffdshow, VP4, VP6, VP7, etc.
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  3. Thank you for that. I was just confused by the terminology. I wrongly assumed I had downloaded the codecs when I installed the plug ins. The terminology is not exactly clear unless you are an expert.

    All good now.
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    Those input plugins are all 64bit (as witnessed by the '64' at the end of all of them). Note that they are all Container readers (aka demuxers): MKV, WMV (aka ASF), Quicktime (aka MOV, but possibly also MP4 which is a fork/child of MOV), MPEG2 (or more accurately, MPEG2-PS; I'm pretty sure this doesn't read TS files).

    Codecs are VfW system-wide (IOW, any app that utilizes VfW/VCM architecture can use those codecs). Note that some codecs pertain only to QT/MOV architecture, some only to VfW/VCM, some only to Directshow (sometimes shown as DMO). Some codecs come in a suite that includes multiple architecture coverage.
    Also, codecs can be compressor (aka encoder)-only, decompressor (aka decoder)-only, or both. Depends on the mfr.

    BTW, unless you have a very CLEAR, THOROUGH understanding of codecs, their code-base and their influence & interactions, I strongly recommend you do NOT install via shotgun approach using a "codec pack", as they are notorious for doing more harm than good (and even the best ones make it difficult to troubleshoot down the road).

    You need container support, but you also need codec support, to fully read inside a video (or audio) file. Getting the info & codecs here (or from pointers here), is what get you back on track.

    Hope that helps,

    <edit>BTW, remember to NOT mix & match 32bit apps & plugins & codecs. Get separate versions for each bit architecture.
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  5. Thanks, it was exactly because I was avoiding installing CCCP or K-Lite that I was struggling finding what I needed. I knew I needed specific codecs so Googled for mkv codec VirtualDub and that was where I came up with the filters/plugins I listed above.

    It all seems to be working fine now. What I would like to be able to do though is batch process stuff by adding to job list just as you can with editing AVI files - I am splitting files into short clips mostly and it seems I can only process a single clip at a time. None of the "batchers" listed on the VD page on this site seem to do what I need. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: scrap that, just worked out how to do it - differently from NandDub, I just assumed it would be done the same way.
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