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  1. TDecimate() removes one of every five frames by default because it's basic design is for NTSC telecined film. Of course, there are other options with it, but you don't want to use it for this type of conversion because it is more likely to leave blended frames in the video.

    If your source was originally 25p then you probably want to SRestore() to 25p. But if your source was originally 25i (likely with live TV shows: sports, news...) you probably won't ever get a smooth, fully deblended result.
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  2. The show is called five mile creek. I have an NTSC dvd, but the show was filmed in australia in the 80s. I am a mac user, and have no way of figuring out if it was 25p or 50i. It doesnít have any special effects, like start trek where they had film and added special effects in video. So i am hoping its 25p. I am running qtgmc bob placebo srestore omode=3 fps =50, womdering if i should use some of the advanced omodes like pp3

    If It was recorded At 25p, will i just have double frames? Or will that mean srestore wonít remove enough blended frames. (if not i will re-encode at 25fps, just to see what it looks like anyway)
    And if its 50i, leaving it at 50fps should be ok, right?

    I will say that just doing qtgmc placebo bob looks good, but i def think getting rid of blended frames would make it look even better.
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  3. According to IMDB Five Mile Creek was shot on film (24p) so the PAL video release was probably just sped up to 25p. If you're not getting decent results with QTGMC().SRestore() upload a sample of the MPEG2 video. Use a program like DgIndex or Mpg2cut2 to trim out a short segment from the body of the TV show, not the intro which is often different from the body (sped up, slowed down, titles as 25i over 25p, etc). Include a 2+ second medium speed panning shot (easiest to detect the source frame rate) along with some other moderate motion. You might want to start your own thread for this.

    Note that SRestore() generally takes a while to sync after a seek. So don't expect to seek to some random spot in the video and get nice clean results. Single step through the video for several seconds to verify you're getting good results after a second or two (worth of frames). Stepping through the video backwards will not give clean results.
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  4. Adamcater, Here's a short segment of your source cleanly restored to 25 fps with QTGMC().SRestore().
    Image Attached Files
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  5. It looks great!!!!
    [Attachment 54327 - Click to enlarge]

    Wht settings on srestore should i do?
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  6. I used the default SRestore settings (the AviSynth version):

    frate = not set (defaults to 25 fps in this case)
    omode = 6
    speed = 9
    mode = 2
    thresh = 22

    Default QTGMC() settings too (preset="slower").

    I don't know if these transfer directly the Vapoursynth versions.
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  7. Ok thanks.

    You said the opening video with titles still had some combing. (they looked great with deinterlacing alone in qtgmc bob at 59.94). Womdering if i should make a mixed video cut the intro out and deinterlace it then run the rest of the video thru srestore and remove blends. Will see how Ďbadí they are, would decreasing the threshold improve that comb removal of the Titles I womder?

    What will i need to do to the audio for sync? I use audacity.
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  8. The opening titles didn't have any combing after QTGMC() but there was some residual blending after SRestore(). It's very common for opening titles to be sped up or slowed down so that the video matches the theme music, or whatever. The original PAL video probably had blending in the title sequence from that so you can't expect QTGMC().SRestore() to produce perfectly non-blended frames. I would just use QTGMC().SRestore() for the whole video -- I hate VFR!
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  9. Me too good call. Blending isnt too too bad, itís combing i cant stand.

    And audio you think it will sync? Or do i need to audacity it.
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  10. If the video length doesn't change, the audio remains in synch. When using QTGMC().SRestore() the length doesn't change.
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  11. Nice, ok,
    Thank you both to manono and jagabo.

    Stay tuned next week when i ask about what setting to use to bring PAL cartoon dvds back to original NTSC dvds.
    Am i still using srestore omode 6?
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  12. Iíve been ripping this dvd series. And i have to say, it looks 100x better with the removed blended frames. Thank you jagabo. Seriously. You have my deepest thanks.
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  13. Sorry to bug you guys again.
    I am trying to use qtgmc on this file but it seems to crash. The tag says progressive, but it is 29.97 looks to me bottom field first. Its a small 120 meg 22 min tv show Image
    [Attachment 54577 - Click to enlarge]
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  14. That video has already been deinterlaced.
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  15. First time i have ever had a deinterlaced movie at 29.97.
    Thanks for the help.
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  16. It's very common. People of often deinterlace a film source rather than inverse telecine. The result is a 29.97 fps video with a duplicate frame every 5th frame instead of a 23.976 fps. The duplicate frames makes the video jerky, especially obvious in panning shots.
    Last edited by jagabo; 22nd Aug 2020 at 09:51.
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  17. Is there a way to remove those frames to remove the jerkiness?
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  18. Originally Posted by Adamcarter View Post
    Is there a way to remove those frames to remove the jerkiness?
    TDecimate()###Part of TIVTC

    That'll remove the dupe frames but nothing can undo the damage caused by the deinterlacer.

    Did you really enclose a picture of your link, thus making the link itself unclickable?
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  19. Sorry i uploaded the file from a headless computer i access with my ipad. I would have just copy and pasted the link, but i dont have the website password to this forum on that computer was being lazy. Next time, i will include the regular link lol.
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  20. Ok
    I have another conundrum i would love to show you guys.

    The file has combing all over the place. Itís in 29.97 fps. It was filmed in australia, so iím was thinking 25 fps. I did Qtgmc bob + srestore omode 6, like my previous tv show i mentioned here. And it got rid of maybe 99% combing, but every few seconds or so, there is like a like a stutter. So then i tried deteelcine from 29.97 to 23.976, iím able to get rid of most of the combing as well, but there are a few areas like in long john silvers face With auick movements that remained.

    I think i am missing something. Footage is pretty bad, believe it comes from a poorly encoded dvd of an unremastered Film. My plan was to get it in the best progressive possible and then run it thru topaz video enhancer ai bring it up to 4k or 8k, maybe do further color correcting in resolve, maybe add back in some film grain, and then downscale it via spline to 720p or 1080p.
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  21. That video is basically telecined film. But interlaced frames were encoded progressive so the chroma of the two fields was blended together. The basic fix is TFM().TDecimate() to get back to the original film frames at 23.976 fps.

    After that you'll see the blended chroma as horizontal color stripes when colored objects are moving. There might be a way of using the chroma of the previous or next field/frame when the stripes are detected but the easiest thing to do is blur away the choroma stripes, MergeChroma(last, last.Blur(0.0, 1.0).Sharpen(0.0, 0.7). But some ghosting of the colors will remain.

    Beyond that there are occasional dropped and duplicate frames. There's not much you can do for that except manually insert of remove frames. Not worth the trouble in my opinion.

    MergeChroma(last, Blur(0.0, 1.0).Sharpen(0.7))
    Maybe the DVDs are in better shape.
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  22. I was going to look at getting the actual dvd. Hoping that perhaps it was just All telecined. Problem is the video is public domain now. So like 4 or 5 different dvd companies have released their own dvd. Nome of which specify if they have the Cinescope version, which would be ideal.

    May do some digging.

    Now i need to figure out from your script how to do that using vapoursynth using hybrid app. Will show your suggestion to die hard vapoursynth peeps they should be able to steer me in the right direction.
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