Hi guys

I want to share a tiny helper i wrote with you.

As short introduction ...
For me it's very annoying having mkv's with wrong or missing "Title" in metadata, because my WDTV Live reads this out.
This results in many Vids with Title "Done with AutoMKV ..." or something like that.

What i have programmed is a small tool which reads out all MKV-Metadata within a given Folder (incl. Subfolders).
So you can see which file has wrong metadata.
Also you can bulkedit them and set their Title to the same value like the filename.

It's written with AutoHotKey.
It uses command-line tools from mkvtoolnix (mkvpropedit.exe and mkvinfo.exe). Copy them into the same folder as my tool resides.
Source-Code is included to give transparency.
Feel free to use it for your purposes (modify, enhance, publish).