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  1. Can anyone please help me solve the riddle of no audio throughput when importing VHS to iMovie?

    On my setup the audio *is* being captured, but I cannot hear it whilst importing. The video shows fine when importing.

    I've lived with it so far, but is sooo annoying to capture an hour or so of footage, and then find there's been intermittent audio problems during import and having to go back and do it again.

    My setup is VCR > Canopus ADVC300 > MacBook Pro (10.6.8) > iMovie 8.0.6.

    I've tried an ADVC 55 and 100 too, and many different VCRs, and always had the same problem.
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  2. Since it happens on a number of devices, here's a theory.

    When the audio and video passes through the ADVC it gets converted to vdigital. In order to display the video during , the computer has to decode the audio and video to display it. It's not a simple "passthrough."(So far, not theoretical)

    Very likely that the decoding and playing of both audio and video would result in an apparent out-of-sync signal during capture. This is common.

    Now the speculation: in order to save themselves panicked phone calls Apple has disabled audio playback during capture.

    Solution 1: find an alternate way to monitor from the VHS deck during capture -- headphone jack, second audio output, etc.

    Solution 2: Use different software -- which really boils down to FCPX on a mac.
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  3. I've had this problem for years. Any new developments since this thread started??
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    Originally Posted by celsoac View Post
    I've had this problem for years. Any new developments since this thread started??
    did you try the tips here -
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    IMO, Best workaround is to use a tool that doesn't have that issue. Such as a PC.

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