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  1. (To The Moderator: I posted this here, but I'm sorry and please move it to the proper forum if I'm wrong)

    Hello, and thank you in advance for any help. I've quite a few Blu Ray rips that suffer from moderate to severe video noise. From all I've read I think it's grain (it's as if the video image is covered by a fine layer of white-gray dust that's usually much more noticeable on solid-colored backrounds, especially dark ones). I've attached some images below. I downloaded and used Neat Video's free demo (on my own test piece, not theirs) and was very impressed by the results; however, the pro version (required for 1080p video) costs almost a hundred dollars and is verrrrrrry slooooooow. I was thinking that I could run the videos through VirtualDub, saving them in lossless x264, then recompress them using Simple x264 Launcher, but I'm not sure which plugin(s)-filter(s) would be best. I'm also familiar with MeGUI but very poorly educated regarding AviSynth, although I'm still capable of learning new tricks . Given the attachments' noise, could someone please recommend (a) (preferably free) VirtualDub plugin(s)-filters(s) to help improve my videos? Thanks again, I appreciate it.

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  2. Since I don't see an attachment and without a sample and knowing the nature of the noise ->
    dfttest is normally a good choice,... (fft3dgpu and deathray might also be worth a try)
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    For a one-off project NeatVideo might be pricey but I have yet to find any freebie denoiser that comes close in results. If you use it a lot that $100 will start to seem insignificant.

    My biggest complaint with NV is the interface could be better designed, it gets cumbersome to use. There's a bit of a learning curve and you have to learn to finesse it but it definitely works.

    With an NVidia-based GPU NeatVideo will utilize the unused memory to help with processing speed. It will even do a test to tell you the best configuration for optimal speed. Sometimes using all your cores doesn't net the best result. Using a non-oc'd Core2 Quad system with 4 gigs system memory and a GTX 460 GT w/1 gig memory I'm getting about 13 - 14 fps on interlaced avi, around 20 fps with progressive avi.
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