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  1. I am having a difficult time transferring HD video from my Sony HDR-HC7. I have purchased a fire wire card to work with i.LINK and tried to capture the video, even using Sony Vegas, but it does not work consistently. Out of 20 times, it has worked
    only once or twice and always errors out.

    I am able to transfer via A/V capture card to USB, but I DO NOT think I can get HD video with this, only analog with low quality. Am I correct?

    Is there anyone using the Sony HDR-HC7, and is able to capture HD video without problems. Can you recommend your setup?

    I am using Windows 7 64 bit 0/S.
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    There's a program out there windv I think for doing dv transfers. Firewire is the only way to go for dv on tape. Unless you have a camera with a memory card firewire ensures a bit to bit transfer.

    Edit - just checked the link myself and yes windv is for transferring dv files.
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    Windv is for transferring minidv that is dvavi. Your,s is an hdv cam and you need to use hdvsplit to capture in hdv.
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