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  1. I've a small portable CD player which reads VCDs and MP3 files. My questions :- (1) Can SVCD be played in this ? (2) Want to prepare VCDs ( or SVCDs) from video clips (.mpg or MPEG2 files) which can be read in this player. Can anyone suggest some good free software (for authoring and burning) for the same with the option of writing it on HDD and/or directly to a CD and does not reduce the quality. Converting to DVDs won't serve the purpose as I want to use this player only.
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    Without knowing the specifications of the player, I can't really guess. You might try downloading some SVCD samples here:
    VCD and SVCD are quite different.

    When I created SVCDs years ago from DVDs, I used the free DVD2SVCD. You can use QuEnc encoder with the program.

    For VCD, still some programs around. Look in our 'Tools/Software section to the left on this page. Some for VCD:

    You can also look at our guides to the upper left for VCD/SVCD tutorials. And there is some imformation about the VCD/SVCD formats.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    svcd will not play in a vcd player. it's a dvd type format(mpeg-2).
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