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  1. Sorry if the Title was unclear, but basically what I want to do is take my DVD/Bluray collection and have digital versions of them for my Laptop, Phone, and Tablet.
    I found a method at
    Ive gotten as far as making an MKV file using MakeMKV. But when I attempt to convert it to an MP4 file using Handbrake (following the guide almost verbatim, the results come out BAD, really pixely during even semi action scenes. My goal is to get an MP4 thats 1280x720, with a smallER file size, an approximate goal of 800MB. I know it seems to be commonly thought that with that file size you "won't/can't" get good quality. Im extremely illiterate when it comes to ripping dvd/bluray and have tried to avoid doing it myself thus far by downloading a few of the ones I own online. With the group/person that compresses the videos I most commonly download from, they are almost always flawless quality with very small file sizes of approximately 750mb to about 950mb. So I know it's possible. I don't need perfect, but what Im getting as results is garbage. Can anyone suggest the perfect profile or setting, or if necessary suggest another conversion program. Im somewhat illiterate when it comes to codecs and compression processes, so please bare with me and give me as much details for the process you'd suggest if possible. I appreciate any time and help in advance.
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  2. Ask the guy whose illegal warez encodes you like.

    But when I attempt to convert it to an MP4 file using Handbrake (following the guide almost verbatim, the results come out BAD
    Then, apparently, you're not following the guide verbatim as he's doing it for 4-12 GB. Are you using the CRF 18 he suggests? No? I didn't think so.
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  3. Dude, woosah lol.
    Before you make assumptions about what someone has or has not done, MAYBE.... just maybe ask them first. The real question is are you wanting to help, or just to criticize?
    In any case, I DID try 18, then 20, then 21, then 22. And when the file sizes weren't being reduced to a file size I wanted then I just started aiming for "Target Size". But the quality is not good :\

    Also, I want to ask you something. If someone posts a question as I did, leaving out that he's been downloading it online, would you feel better about supporting his/her efforts, namely to make a copy of a disc for his own backup and archiving purposes? And if so, Why? Who's to say that he/she isn't renting a movie from Netflix or Red Box and making copies of it. My point is, I was honest with you because I have nothing to hide, but you come off as being self-righteous. The technology allows for backup and archiving of video multimedia assuming the user takes responsibility for its use. The ambiguity that masks the purpose of this site leaves one wondering if people like you flaunt their knowledge and expertise, all the while hidding behind the ideaology of "see/hear/read no evil, know no evil". IF the idea and threat of pirating is so domininate in how you approach helping people, then why be on here at all? "Im smart and just"? Maybe YOU are truly! But who are you to decide what joe shmo artard on the other sideof this post is just or not? Another point is the idea of Selfishness. Pirating (primarily in the sense of downloading what you don't own) stems from pure selfishness, the desire to please ones self even at the cost of someone else. So thats Bad right? What about the guy who wants to make a backup of their disc (one that legally came into their position), or to make a portable digital copy? Isn't that selfish too? "Im not satisfied with watching at home, I want a portable copy for on the go." How do you feel about these? Are these different to you? is one more just and good than the other? Or are they the same? If they are both the same (Bad), why are you even here? Why do you give advice to those you don't know and can't see?
    The point is: I may make bad decisions at times. Don't you? I prefer to do things the right way though, so thats why I prefer to change my approach to my end goal and copy my own discs myself. Ultimately im under the impression that backing up my own collection is not wrong. So please don't criticize me for going about the EXACT same "end" goal by a different "means". The "means" do not effect anyone differently in this/my scenario. Its the "end" that, if anything, would be brought into question right? If the "end" is what bothers you, then criticize that, and don't support copying of discs PERIOD.
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  5. That's nothing...

    Just wait until DB83 finds this thread...
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  6. Too many words to read. How often have we seen here and elsewhere, "I want to make encodes like (fill in the group or person name here). How do they do it?". How are we supposed to know? And who cares anyway? In sites such as these one has to be very careful about what's discussed and how. So, you have tried CRF encodes. And the sizes were nowhere near the size you wanted? Again, so what? I'd be willing to bet that those small-sized encodes you think are so good have some very serious shortcomings, ones you as a beginner might not know how to spot.

    As for how to make encodes that might seem to be good at the same time be very small? Filter the hell out of them to make them more compressible (and lose any detail they once had). And then use high CRF values. I'd invite you to post a small sample but, again, warez releases and discussion of them are forbidden here, as they should be. That's not a bad guide to which you linked, but he's teaching you to make good quality encodes, not crap. And maybe the movie(s) you're trying to shrink doesn't compress well. There are huge differences in the amount different movies can compress and still look good. And there's a big difference between playing such encodes on a 65" TV and a 4" smart phone.

    But to answer your original question, filter, filter, filter.
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  7. Now THAT was a little more helpful ^_^ and... Fair enough
    I definitely appreciate what you're saying and guess I can understand, its either quality, speed, or size... pick two lol.
    idk if this helps, but the movie Im stuck on is World War Z and Im trying to rip the Theatrical Version. I want to have it for my Galaxy S4 and Note 8.0. If we (my wife and I) want it on the big screen I can just pop in the Disc.

    Originally Posted by manono View Post
    I'd be willing to bet that those small-sized encodes you think are so good have some very serious shortcomings, ones you as a beginner might not know how to spot.
    Though I never bragged about them lets both make some money, cause I'd bet the same thing Thats why... Im here. Hi! lol

    @clockwork: >_> ... <_<... >_>... DB83... Please don't hurt me...
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