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  1. Hi Guys,Previously i use avisynth to load video just fine. Now i upgrade my system to Windows 7.
    Here what i do.
    -Install latest CCCP
    -Install Avisynth 2.5.8

    The video freeze for a moment at the start and then a few second it was ok.
    After that i install latest ffdshow, still same problem. I'm using the same script as previously while i on XP.

    Here what happen to the video when i load the script in my mpc,

    And here is the code itself
    DirectShowSource("[Eclipse] Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood - 01 (1280x720) [70C1405D].mkv", fps=23.976, convertfps=true)

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    1) That MKV probably contains H264 video, so you could use FFMS2 instead of DirectShowSource

    2) Windows 7 is VERY different from XP, you'll need some time to learn many/most/all of the workarounds for its issues

    3) BEWARE:
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  3. Thanks for replying.I just try FFmpegSource2 script. here what i get when loading the video,
    LoadPlugin: unable to load "ffms2.dll"

    any idea?

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  4. just find the solution..i just install Haali Media Splitter and the video load.. many thanks..
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