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  1. Hi guys and girls,

    wow. its been a long time since i last visited this site.

    i've got a question. i have found a site from which i want to download the streaming video (i don't know whether im allowed to post the link to this forum of the site).

    anyway that site streams with flashplayer.

    i've tried many ways and apps to download it. getflv can download it. the full video file but crashes many times and is wayyy to expensive.

    i even tried php script AdobeHDS, but then i get a notification that it cant download akamai protected files.

    replay media catcher, downloads like 1 sec of the video.

    streamtransport, cant download it.

    flashgot, firefox plugin, i see lots of tiny video files. but cant download the full video.

    there have been other apps. but i forgot the names.

    perhaps im doing something wrong , when trying rtmpdump (any good tutorials?)

    the files are lots of .f4v and 1 .f4m.

    please help me or guide me how to download such streams?

    you can even pm me or email me to help me out.

    ps: there must be a way to download such streams, because the app getflv does downloads the entire video file.
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  2. example link:

    >>CLICK HERE<<

    but i want to download more episodes of this serial from that site.

    hope you can help.
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  3. i reuploaded the link. hope someone can figure out how to succesfully download..
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  4. GetFLV with IPad Kernel.

    To avoid APPCrash, right after the download link appears, close the tab and click download.
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