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  1. So I'm using Freemake Video converter to turn files into Video CD compatible files. I found a guide online that told me what settings to use to make the mpegs VCD compatible, but it isn't working at all. When I try to burn the files to the CD using my ashampoo burning software it tells me that the files are not correctly formatted for video, audio, and general formatting incompatibility.

    The settings I'm using are mpeg1 codec, 1150 bitrate, 29.97 fps, mp2 audio at 44100 hz and 256 bitrate.

    Anyone have any idea why the files are failing so spectacularly?
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  2. What video resolution size did you choose?

    In addition, according to Wikipedia, your audio bit rate is too high.


    Video specifications[4]

    Audio specifications[5]
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  3. I used 320x240. Even if the audio bitrate was too high the CD player kicked back something about the video not being formatted correctly and general formatting problems as well.

    I don't know if this matters or not but I transferred one of the mpegs over to my desktop and re-encoded it in TMPGEnc, and when I went to play it it gave some sort of playback error, saying it might not play correctly. Something about a dump overrun or something like that. It ended up playing ok but odd that it would give that message.
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  4. Making them compliant (which your audio isn't) doesn't make them VCDs. They also have to be authored.
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    The VCD resolution as loaded by the old TMPGenc 2.5 template was 352x240 (NTSC ) and 352x288(PAL).

    I believe these to be the standard resolutions - although others may work.
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    320x240 isn't compatible with anything - not VCD, SVCD, DVD or BD. For VCD you MUST have 352x240 with your frame rate.256 Kbps audio is too high for VCD.

    Is Ashampoo even capable of burning VCD? It's not well respected here so few use it. I thought it was DVD software, but I'm too lazy to check and have never used it.
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  7. Originally Posted by jman98 View Post
    Is Ashampoo even capable of burning VCD?.
    Yes (I only checked Burning Studio 12), but the files have to be compliant already.
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