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  1. Hi there,

    Is it possible to use hard drive for both Mac and Windows at the same time? Any particular format?
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  2. Yes, its possible. Used to do it back in the early Hackintosh days on my laptop.

    The formats you use are the customary formats, one HFS+ partition for Mac and a NTFS partition for Win. But the install varies depending on which OS you have installed or plan to install first and which second.

    Edit: If I've misunderstood the premise and you simply mean using a single HDD for data and sharing between Mac and Windows, then FAT32 works with all versions, however you'll have the 4GB file size limit. If your versions of Mac(10.6.5) and Windows are new enough exFAT will work without the 4GB limit.
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    you can buy a driver for windows that allows HFS+ read/write. iirc it's from paragon.
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