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  1. Hi, I have a Panasonic Viera TC-L42ET5B, running on the latest updated software version available, and for the first time have been trying to play media files on external usb hard-drive (I've always used my notebook to watch video on it until now).

    But the built in media player of panasonic viera is really pretty lame... it doesn't have any configuration options for subtitles display, any possibility of loading an external .srt or .sub file, and it doesn't render most recent codecs properly (sometimes screwing up color, audio delay, or with major audio/video lagging, making it totally impossible to watch at all).

    Can anybody tell me if it is possible to install another media player on it, like VLC or MPClassic? I DON'T WANT to buy any standalone device for that, I could just keep on using my laptop in that case... it's just that the picture gets SO MUCH better when played directly on the TV software rather than via hdmi, that I've been trying to play video files through the tv since I've realised that...

    Does anybody knows if it is possible to install any player or app for that?

    Thank you so much...
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    no you can't install your own programs on a tv.

    your best option would be a blu-ray player that also is a media player. they aren't all that expensive.
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  3. Hmn, how about apps designed specifically for the viera OS? Is there any such thing to replace the original built in player? Does anybody know something about media players designed for smartvs, if there is such a thing?

    Also, does anybody knows of any TV on the market today that runs on android?? I suppose this would be pretty simple on android based smartvs... (isthere any list for that or something?)

    Anyway, thx for the help aedipuss....
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    It seems to me that you have great difficulty in understanding the word 'No'

    The solution has been given but you do not wish to invest further. Alternatively, tell Panasonic that their media player sucks and hope that they can improve on it. Then you will be able to update the software.

    BTW a Google revealed that there are USB dongles that allow you to use Android on a HDTV. But even these will not give you what you want.
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    The only software/apps that will work on the TV are the software/apps provided by the manufacturer. They can't be replaced.

    Or you can use any external device: DVD player, Blu-Ray player, XBox, Roku, WD Live, HTPC, etc.
    Most of which will play files across your network or from an attached HDD.
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    Originally Posted by vhcanton View Post
    ... it's just that the picture gets SO MUCH better when played directly on the TV software rather than via hdmi ...
    Then I would contend that there's something wrong with your laptop setup via HDMI.

    - What is the TVs resolution? 1080/720?
    - Do you have the laptop resolution set the the same for the HDMI output?
    - What are you using for a software player?
    - Is the player using DXVA? Do you have another player going at the same time?
    - Have you adjusted any settings on your video card?
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