Hello, i'm French so sorry for the translation in english.
I developped a software to convert videos. ts and I would implement a viewer for previewing tracks from video file to allow the user to select the tracks to be encoded.
do you know how are ordering the tracks in these files?
I need this information to write a script avisynth like this:

[code]LoadCPlugin ("D: \ ffms2.dll")
File = "D: \ video.ts"
V = FFVideoSource (File, track = x)
A = FFAudioSource (File, track = y)
Video AudioDub = (V, A)
Return Video[code]

My software tracks are played with MediaInfo shows me this information:

video stream #0= 0 PID: 600 video MPEG-2V
video stream #1 = PID 610, video MPEG-2V
video stream # 2 = PID 620, video MPEG-2V
video stream # 3 = PID 640, video MPEG-2V

audio stream #0= PID: 601, audio MPA1L2, English
audio stream #1 = PID 611, audio MPA1L2, English
audio stream # 2 = PID 621, audio MPA1L2, English
audio stream # 3 = PID 622, audio MPA1L2, german
audio stream #4 = PID 641, audio MPA1L2, English

In the tests after I made, the first video track that I found is in position x = 5 (base 0) and the first audio track is in position y = 6 (base 0). MediaInfo can not give me the order for all streams in general but by type of video stream (0,1,2,3) and Audio (0,1,2,3,4).

I would like for example what is the value of y to read the german Audio track.
Thank you very much if you can help me....