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  1. HI there.
    I saw your post regarding demuxing the mpeg files, joining the clips, and then remuxing. Although you said your program did not recognize the video file, I am running Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2.0 and it recognized a merged MPEG file I created just fine (I will try burning one later today). DVD MovieFactory 2.0 will reconvert, and I noticed that it's encoding time is not that long (going from DivX to DVD MPEG). For example, I encoded a 2 hr movie in 3 hrs doing 4k VBR (Mummy Returns - looks splendid). Anyhow, I would recommend this program to get your resultant MPEG to a DVD. It was only $43 to download it from their website (versus $49 box). They have trial versions available too.


    p.s. I am not a Ulead employee, just a VERY SATISFIED customer!
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    Hi Harsha,
    I tried it with Ulead as well. It recognizes the files and outputs them to a burnable DVD file, BUT.....the DVD will not play in my standalone player, while dozens of other DVD-R will play with no problems.

    It starts then freezes every 3 seconds or so. The only way to proceed, is fast forward. As soon as I resume play, it freezes again...

    I'm sure there is a way to do this, and I have almost every DVD-editing, encoding and burning tool under the sun, but I can't figure out the order, and the exact steps to do this one...
    My system:
    Abit Ic7G
    P4 3.0C @ 3.98 GHz
    2x512 MB DDR 500 ram
    WinXP Pro
    ATI Radeon X800pro
    5x120 GB Western Digital ata100
    TDK Velocd 48x16x44
    Sony 8x DVD burner
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  3. Want to bump this as I have never found a suitable solution either. I have attempted using many programs to join DVD compliant MPEG's and every time the audio is out of synch from the join point on.

    This includes TMPGEnc, earlier and later versions.

    I would love a solid workable solution if anyone has one!
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    Here's my .02 I worked with win 98se for 6 mo working with mpeg2 for DVD home movies. I had a fat32 prob 4 gig file size. This is only 15 min of .avi which is what I made with pinnacle studio 7.0, then sent the avi to tmpgenc plus version. I never made a movie less than 1 hour. So I had to make 4 seperate movies encode to mpeg2 with tmpgenc. When they were finished I merged them together with tmpgenc and never had any audio sync problems I currently use ver 2.51 and it works great. I upgraded to xp and now use ntfs file system so I don't have a 4 gig prob anymore. Anyway my point is, I have had no problems with TmpgEnc Plus Merging mpeg2 videos.
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  5. use either




    i use the second one :)
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    Holy smokes, Batman!

    I've been struggling for over a week now with a sync problem, and after a couple of tests, it looks like AVI.MPEG.RM-Joiner.v2.30
    may have solved my problem.

    My source video consists of 18 seperate mpeg2 files with AC3 audio. The files are from one large Mpeg2 file that got split up during a conversion process.
    Every program I've used (mpeg2vcr, tmpegnc, etc.) to stitch them back together has resulted in very out of sync audio.

    I will test it further, but if I don't report back you can assume that I continue to have sucess with this program.

    Thanks Batma..., er elmolicious
    I don't have a bad attitude...
    Life has a bad attitude!
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