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    How about media Compatibility of Portable Devices such as PSP, PS3, Xbox. ?
    What are the things that directly and mostly affect the compatibility?..

    about below things,

    • Max. Reference Frames
    • Max. B Frames
    • Max Resolution
    • AVC Level
    • HE AAC
    • SRT

    Especially I want to know about Reference Frame Limit!..

    As I know PSP Support AVC Level Main @ 3.0.
    PS3 and Xbox support AVC Level High @ 4.0.

    Regarding ReFrames, All support ReFrames Upto 3.
    But can we use more than 3 re-frames, with any setting?..

    With regarding device playback, does max re-frames supported depends on avc level or resolution?
    Also does they support HE SBR AAC and HEv2 SBR+PS AAC audio?.... and SRT subtitles?
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    Originally Posted by kotuwa
    But can we use more than 3 re-frames, with any setting?..
    Most likely not. 3 would break most settop players so far as I know. Profile 4 is 3 referrance frames and that is what most bluray players are. (edit - I meant MORE than 3 would probably break a player)

    I think your best bet is to forget a minimum profile and do one of two things -

    1 - stream to dlna compliant devices and use your computer to transcode on the fly to the given device (playon or tversity for example)

    2 - get a settop media player like the wdtv media player.

    Option 2 is your best bet. It will reduce your need to convert. The best media players will play virtually any file type you throw at it - though I don't know about 10bit h264, you'd have to research a particular unit to be sure it handles 10bit h264.

    But a settop media player is by far the most hassle free option you have. And you can get used ones at a good price at online auction websites.

    Just be careful of roku type devices. They don't have very flexible playback ability (codec support that is)
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