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  1. I am looking for some professional grade HEVC (x265) decoder to decode HEVC-TS and HEVC-MKV (4K-HD) streams. Any help about where and how much?
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  2. Nobody? like the Bad Boy?

    It seems like decoder part is left for someone to rip-off.

    It sounds like come and join us. Sweat your money in expensive hardwares, Invest your time and efforts to develop us better. When it comes to decoding we will rip you off your skin.

    If any bad boy(s) is interested, I can provide HEVC decoder specs and block diagram for absolutely free. Where as, Flow Chart, Algorithms and working sample code will cost twelve figures per character as it is able to decode up to 12bits. Is anyone interested?

    These bad boys (guys) made the penguin not only wounded, But bleeding from all the sides.

    When myself and a team of pros landed in Antarctica with an idea to video shoot documentray on qute baby penguins. Suddenly mountain lions, snow leopards and what not jumped out of the windows from no where for a great video shoot. The qute baby penguins eventhough wounded deeply and bleeding heavy started disappearing into deep waters. As the documentary was all about baby penguins, we dropped whole idea and returned back with saddened broken hearted.

    I love shootings in wild-life, hunting the hunters (The Bad Guys) down to protect innocent animals including highly complex animal called humans.

    If you wish, you can help in many ways to make the planet called The Earth a better home and a better place for living.
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    ^ Also, please notice that A.T.M. there are zer0 Directshow TS splitters with HEVC support.

    Besides, no MKV demuxers that understand the files created for the DivX Player.
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    Yeah, I started to go the DivX route. Actually downloaded the player and files supposedly needed to mux to mkv but what I got were files to build mkvtoolnix myself with x265 support (which I am not capable of doing) instead of an already built mkvtoolnix with x265 support. They are supposed to be the company in the lead right now but they can't even release their own encoder or their own muxer. Just a player that you need the specially muxed files to play.
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  5. Thanks to all of You!

    Personally I am notlooking for any but your feedback and inputs will definitely help community and HEVC pre alpha testers who are showing zest of enthusiasm, testing and trying, efforts, enery and time.

    The Empire will stike back when autobots deliver powerful and robust machine with mighty Knights landed till then we will keep it folded.
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