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  1. Hi all, I am trying to open MPC-HC on Windows via command line at a specific position. E.g. with mplayer, you can use the -geometry argument to pass a size and location to open on screen. All I can see with MPC-HC is the monitor it opens on and size. Is there a way to pass a location to open at? (e.g. at 640x480 pixel position?)
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  2. Sorry, just to indicate, using the "remember last position" wont work, as I am looking to open multiple windows via the /new argument to open up in different locations on the monitors
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  3. If you select Help -> Command Line Switches in MPCHC you'll get a list of all the switches. It doesn't seem to let you specify the location, though you can specify the window size. You'll have to resort to setting the Registry values. They're in HKCU\Software\Gabest\Media Player Classic\Settings\LastWindowRect. The first 4 byte value is the x position, the second four byte value is the y position.
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  4. Thanks for the heads up. That's not the solution I was hoping for but it will have to do for now. I saw the switches but didn't see anything listed. Do you happen to know if its in the planned features? If not, I might ask to make a submission.
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  5. Originally Posted by mkvideo View Post
    Do you happen to know if its in the planned features?
    No idea.
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