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    I'm making a DVD-Video from clips and photos of mine. It's composed of 4 titles, and some menus and submenus. All the authoring is made with DVDAuthorGUI 1.029 and that works very fine.

    All that is clip works fine too.

    All the titles have been managed/created with AviSynth scripts (.AVS) ==> VirtuaDubMod (.AVI) ==> MediaCoder for convert .avi to mpg (I used several versions, included 0.6.0 on Windows 2000 - newest doesn't works)

    All that is clip works finely. But not that is photos:

    For photos, I've created a diaporama via AviSynth and VirtualDubMod. The .AVI resulting seems to work perfectly on different soft-viewers on Windows 2000 and on Windows XP.

    But the .MPG I obtain with MediaCoder have problems. The translation sequences are broken as if the final speed was less than the real, and so the audio is broken too, but not in VLC where it works perfectly !!!

    Having worked with VLC, I didn't see that problem at the biginning, therefore I've burned the DVD and the situation is above !!!

    That's the MediaCoder parameters I used (that's for one of the diapo sequences) :
    Source format: Container AVI:
    Video WMV3: Bitrate 703Kbps / Resolution 720x576 / Frame Rate 25.00 fps
    Audio pcm: Bitrate 1536Kbps / Sampling Rate 48000 Hz / Channel 2
    Target format: Container MPEG2:
    Video MPEG2 (mode Bitrate-based): Bitrate 5000 Kbps / Resolution 720x576 / Frame Rate 25.00 fps
    Audio FFMPEG Audio Codecs: Audio: 192Kbps / Sample Rate 48000 Hz / (AC3)
    Thanks to anyone that helps me with this problem.

    Below, a diapo sequence in AviSynth script:
    # N2009_diapo part2 = Noël 2009 - Diaporama part 2
    rep = "Photos_2009\" # répertoire de départ des photos concernées
    #audio :
    Audio2 = WavSource("N2009_NoelBlanc_3m54s5.wav")

    loadPlugin ("c:\\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\TransAll\TransAll.dll")

    # Diaporama : Lanczos4Resize au lieu de RecubicResize
    # jour de Noël (25/12):
    j01 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 001.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j02 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 002.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)
    j03 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 003.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)
    j04 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 004.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j05 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 005.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j06 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 006.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j07 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 007.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j08 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 008.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j09 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 009.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)
    j10 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 010.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j11 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 011.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j12 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 012.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)
    j13 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 014.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j14 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 015.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j15 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 016.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)
    j16 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 017.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j17 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 018.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j18 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 019.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)
    j19 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 020.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)
    j20 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 021.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j21 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 022.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(720,540).AddBorders(0,18,0, 18)
    j22 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 023.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)
    j23 = ImageSource(rep+"2009 12 25 062.jpg", end=350, fps=25).Lanczos4Resize(432,576).AddBorders(144,0,1 44,0)

    TransAccord(last,j03,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =true)
    TransAccord(last,j05,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =false)
    TransAccord(last,j07,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =true)
    TransAccord(last,j09,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =false)
    TransAccord(last,j11,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =true)
    TransAccord(last,j13,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =false)
    TransAccord(last,j15,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =true)
    TransAccord(last,j17,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =false)
    TransAccord(last,j19,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =true)
    TransAccord(last,j21,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =false)
    TransAccord(last,j23,100,dir="vert",twin=true,open =true)
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    Any idea ???

    Thanks for advance.
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  3. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    I wouldn't use mediacoder for mpg conversion. Try instead hcenc or a gui for it like avstodvd(it can output mpg).
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    Thank you Baldrick.

    I'm trying avstodvd but now on Windows2000 there is some problems. I'll try better at home on xp. I try HCenc too.
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  5. Hi jvc,

    what kind of problems with W2k and AVStoDVD?


    AVStoDVD Homepage
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  6. Stop using WMV3 a an intermediate codec. Use a lossless codec like Lagarith or Huffyuv. Or at least DV or MJPEG.
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  7. Or feed directly the AviSynth script to AVStoDVD


    AVStoDVD Homepage
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    Originally Posted by _MrC_ View Post
    Hi jvc,

    what kind of problems with W2k and AVStoDVD?
    Hello _MrC_
    When I try the conversion from the avi, it says: "Le point d'entrée de procédure _aligned_free est introuvable dans la bibliothèque de liaisons dynamique msvcrt.dll" that's can be translate in: "procedure entry point _aligned_free not found in dynamic links library msvcrt.dll". And the process is aborted.

    Originally Posted by _MrC_ View Post
    Or feed directly the AviSynth script to AVStoDVD
    I've just tried that, but the process doesn't works and it's idle without any message ! I think Windows2000 is the problem! At home, I'll try with my xp computer.

    Thanks for the ideas.

    Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    Stop using WMV3 a an intermediate codec. Use a lossless codec like Lagarith or Huffyuv. Or at least DV or MJPEG.
    Hello jagabo
    Have I just to download and Virtualdubmod will take them in fonction ?

    I'll try that too. Think you very much.
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