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  1. Hi folks,
    Can you tell me how to reduce cpu usage level , while i am playing in jw player 6 its shows above 60% ...So i am looking better usage between(20 -30%)......any attribute used in embed code?
    Last edited by vijay123; 1st Aug 2013 at 23:32. Reason: i forget to tell about percentage value
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    I don't know what kind of hardware you're using but 60% is high, period. The most difficult video file I have is 1080p and 16Gb in size. I can play it on an i3 4Gb laptop with about 20% cpu.

    What does their on site documentation say? How does the programs's multicore/multithread support work? Do they have a support forum?

    Have you tried another player? What's the cpu usage there?
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  3. jwplayer 6, regular embed setup, watched with i3 650@3.2GHz Intel, build in graphics, streamed video is 640x360 Main@3.1, 2.5Mbit encoded with 4 ref frames with x264 default settings and watched on win7 - it doesn't take more than 20% CPU

    older computers like Pentium might have problem while downloading the video at the same time, you might experience better performance after download is finished and it is in cash already, but anyway the specs for video from above are too much for Pentium4, 2.4GHz, I get 100% CPU and of course problems while viewing, for that PC -video size 640x360, Baseline@3.0 , 1 ref. frame, no CABAC might just be on the edge to handle it smoothly, talking about Windows XP in this case, clean install. Linux in this case handles video on the same hardware a bit better.
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