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    just ran across these two blurbs that i thought might interest some of you:

    the first one confirms something i and many, many others have speculated for a long time intel was going to do: it's extending the new 256bit avx instruction set to 512bit for future processors.

    the second claims that intel is preparing to launch an inexpensive, by its standards, 6 core SB-E processor, with an unlocked multiplier and HT. depending on the cost this might be a very interesting to some looking to upgrade from an older setup.
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  2. The Knights are landing in Xeon (server) family. This would be biggest advantage for HEVC streaming. However Broadwell is due next year on comsumer PCs claimed to have 40% better graphics capabilitity. I will skip braodwell and think of update at the time of Skylake (with Moon River).
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