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  1. hello,
    i tried to download HD videos of a website, i tried rtmpexplorer and it worked but today it stopped and tried to resume but nothing happens and gave me some error alert in the command line window , i tried to copy the command generated by rtmpsrv.exe but i can't i wonder if their is a way to do this so i can show you exactly what happened , by the way I'm using avira internet security and its in the "allowed" list .
    i noticed that the when rtmpsrv.exe picks the link from gui "rtmpexplorer " and generates the right command it didn't add "-e" to the code so it resumes .
    i tried using rtmpdump only but its hard specially with some websites it never works .
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  2. just an addition , i managed to copy the code which downloads the file in rtmpsrv.exe and using rtmpdump only i run the code in a batch file and added -e filename.flv to the line to resume . now how i can do this in rtmpexplorer and its command-line version rtmpsrv.exe to resume in case of incomplete file.

    new : i capture this image as you can see it stopped downloading and sometimes it tries to resume but cant even though it says download complete which is not true and I'm sure that my internet is working fine
    Click image for larger version

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