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  1. I have been searching online for 2 days for solution to edit srt subtitle that is embedded in mkv. I just wanna remove few lines from the subtitle. I know I can use mkvextract to remove the subtitle from mkv then edit the subtitle and then remux the video and edited subtitle but it takes a lot of time. I tried subtitle workshop & subtitle edit it seems like it can open the subtitle inside mkv but you need to save it outside the mkv file. Is there any faster solution to do this? thanks.
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  2. As far as I'm aware there's no other way of editing subtitles in MKV files. You need to open/extract, edit, save and remux.
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  3. It has to be the hard way then After I extract and edit the subtitle when I remux it with the mkv, do I have to change any settings on mkvmerge?or just add the mkv and subtitle and start muxing? I will be editing multiple mkv's and I'm worried that something will go wrong if I dont apply the correct setting.
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  4. Make sure you de-select the old subtitle stream when you add the new one, but other than that you shouldn't need to do anything else. MKVMergeGUI will pick up the correct settings from each stream in the original MKV and won't change anything unless you specify something different. You can of course set the language etc for each stream if you want to (and it's not already specified).

    After remuxing an MKV, it might pay to get into the habit of using the File/New menu before adding a new MKV for muxing (I don't quite understand why there's not actually a "New" button above the "Add" button in the main window). That resets everything under the "Global" tab (using the "Remove" buttons doesn't). If you don't use File/New it's possible to open an MKV with a title, remux it, then load a new MKV which will keep the same title unless you manually delete it. It can be somewhat annoying to discover you've remuxed several MKVs while accidentally using the same title.

    Alternatively MKVMergeGUI has a setting to automatically clear everything when it's finished muxing or after adding a muxing job to the queue. I can't remember if either are checked by default. You'll find them under File/Options.
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  5. Thank you for your detailed answer and tips. I just checked the option to automatically clear everything after successful remux because it was not on by default. thanks again.
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