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  1. Hey everybody

    I am following this guide
    I have worked perfect for me before, but something went wrong, its the security thing, this part:

    where you have to make: Everyone, admin, and owner profile. Its important for me because if not done like this I cant stream them on my boxee box..

    i have 4 folders: movies, tv, kids and HD

    first i made the three pofiles in all the four folders and it all worked perfect..


    I made a change that destroyed it all, beause the folders with the movies eks. like this Cable guy (1996) <----<< the folder with each movie because in folder there is also fanart and folder jpgs

    The security profiles have changed in some of the folders, witch results it not being playbale on boxee box, IS THERE ANYWAY TO MARK A LOT OF THE FILES AND CHANGE TO THE REAL PROFILES OR CAN THIS ONLY BE DONE WITH ONE AT A TIME.

    I realize this is hard to understand, i had a had time explain this.. I really hope you can help med..

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    you can change everything in a folder by right clicking on it properties/security
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  3. Originally Posted by aedipuss View Post
    you can change everything in a folder by right clicking on it properties/security
    I know.. but if I change the folder called Familie - it then changes all the folder in familie to the style I want, but not the underfolder (or what you call it) remember I HAVE EACH movie in a folder because or artwork such as folder.jpg fanart.jpg

    Folder (familie) ----> Folder Ice Age -----> The Folder Ice age contains folder.jpg fanart.jpg and ice age.mp4 or mkv

    The folders in familie does what I want, but not the files in the ice age folder keeps the old security things

    Hope you understand.
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