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    jman98 is right (Cinavia is REALLY expensive to use), That is why Sony is hurting so much and they are closing some stores and laying people off, Sony might have screwed us but they really screwed them selfs.
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  2. Yeah.... It's got to be one of the dumbest ideas ever. If every media player detected it, that'd be one thing, but it'd require an actual law in the country where you reside before that'll happen, so given it's pretty much limited to Bluray players and a couple of game consoles all it does is increase the cost of producing Bluray/DVDs and discourages people from buying a Bluray player, or updating firmware.

    It's ironic, as there's a few Bluray players and TVs with built in media players in this house and when it comes to playing standalone files (AVI, MP4, MKV etc) the Sony Bluray player is the best. The Samsung players would be just as good but they don't obey aspect ratios in MP4/MKV whereas the Sony player does. Yet Sony infects everything with Cinavia to discourage people from using their products.
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