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    One of the features of my Sony TRV-240 Handycam is it will play back and allow Firewire capture of analog 8mm and High8 tapes. It does but when capturing I run into problems particularly with longer segments.

    While the playback on the viewfinder looks and sounds fine, when playing back the file I frequently find the audio stopped being captured at some point. If I re-capture from before that point, the remainder of the tape will play back fine.

    Also I can find severe dropped frames problems even though they didn't show up on the capture app.

    I *don't* have this problem if I play the files on an analog cam and use the Digital8 as a pass-through box. But the video actually looks better if it's played by and captured from the Digital8 cam.

    Capturing to a secondary SATA drive using the Firewire port on a Soundblaster Platinum EX sound card.

    Anyone have insight into this and possible remedies?

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