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  1. Hello Guys...
    I'm doing a project and therefore i need a special streaming tech and i dont know if it even exists..
    So here are my needs:

    * The player must not use flash, it should be viewable without any plugin on any device (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)
    * The video has to be viewable in fullscreen (higher resulution) and in a very small window like with 640px
    * The stream has to start and end on a defined timestamp, which means there must not be any buffering
    * if buffering would be necessary, the resolution and/or frame rate should be adapted until the video can be viewed without buffering.

    is there anything like that on the internet? (no matter if opensource or enterprise)

    thanks for helping me
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  2. Originally Posted by oliver123123123 View Post
    it should be viewable without any plugin on any device
    If there was such a thing there wouldn't be any Flash, Silverlight, Quicktime, Divx, etc.

    Maybe in a few years Webm will be well enough supported for you.
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