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  1. Samsung S9 UHD TV goes for $39,999 other accessories extra.
    How much budget I am looking forward to spare to watch UHD TV?
    What kind of source video specs and system specs I am looking at encode 8K UHD (4320p)?
    Will dual hanswell cpu architecture be enough?
    At present my total investment in entertainment System already crossed 22k+, Do I have to scrap?
    I am totally confuse and can not decide what to dump, what to scrap?
    When I asked my friend which one you like, right one or left?
    He replied center piece.
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  2. Did they actually ship any of these? If they did, did they sell any?
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  3. Did they actually ship any of these?
    Yes they did from Korean Manufacturing unit to American distributor to be displayed in Tech Expo.
    If they did, did they sell any?
    When we asked same question to the sales rep in above pic, reply was sales data is strictly confidential.

    I was just wondering on 7680x4320p (12bit) specs to carry out some testing.
    Is dual hanswell cpu architecture with 8GB ram capable of holding/storing at least 2 uncompressed frame into memory? forget about default look ahead.Calculations, I leave up to the readers.I am still not getting any motion videos 7680x4320p (12bit) 8k samples to carry out some basic testing which can serve as a very good source.
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