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    Ok here's another question instead..

    When I use FFMpeg, I've been using the -r command/syntax thing to change the frame rate of the looped still image and the output video file. But when I made the fps 1 in an mp4 file, playing it in VLC is glitchy, in that when I full screen it, the video still stays the original size, and seems to be lagging?

    So what frames per second settings are acceptable for different file types?
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    Look, what I think you are trying to do is admirable (giving YT a small but high quality upload), but you have to remember that EVERYTHING that you upload to it is going to be reencoded, and be encoded AS video+audio.
    So, with the exception of the smallness of the upload, you really are NOT making anything any easier for yourself by using pic+audio. In fact, I am guessing that, depending on the softwares in use by YT, you could very well be making things HARDER by using pic+audio.

    So I would suggest a high quality video+audio encode for upload: x.264 @ CRF 16-18 and 384kbps mp3. Then it will encode correctly by Youtube, and also play correctly in VLC, etc. Btw, use constant framerate for the video and constant bitrate for the audio.

    Just my suggestion - take it or leave it.

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  3. I convert every mp3 youtube with
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  4. Originally Posted by Hemasti View Post
    I convert every mp3 youtube with
    Do you understand that he wants to upload to YouTube and not download and extract the audio as MP3? Or are you just another idiot spammer?
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  5. Originally Posted by Cornucopia View Post
    384kbps mp3.
    You learn something new everyday.

    I always thought 320kbps was the maximum for mp3.
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